So I would be pricing this more if it wasn t for the fact that a candle melted down this candle holder and I am having the hardest time getting it off!! But you get a gorgeous opal house candle holder stuck on top that can probably be removed I m just lazy Love love love this though I paid way more Flash sale Pick up from my house only
Retail is $200 Small crack on bottom left hand side Not a big deal. It s really beautiful. Love this Price firm or I ll keep
It s foam board, but was used in the series! I got it from a prop sale! Flash sale! I used it for Halloween decor! Don t really have anyway to prove it s authenticity, you will just have to take my word and I have no reason to lie about it lol not like I m charging $100 for it Flash sale
Has a few scratches on top, could use touch up paint Can fit in cars Will provide dimension upon request Gorgeous lamp is also for sale
Will need to be repainted. Door stuck closed currently ( most likely from tacky paint? ) has hooks to hang. Combo of wood and press board E
Hi. My name is McKenzie. Please help me get to NYC! I need to raise spending money for my Girl Scout trip to New York. If you are interested in anything I m selling, please message me. Also check out my other posts with a on it.